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2 Earn Projects to Help You Fund Your Next Trip

We’ve already delved into the popularity of 2 earn projects, a blockchain gaming sensation that helps you earn in a fun way. And if you’re heading on a trip and looking for some extra cash, these 2 earn projects are not a bad way to find your next trip. 

Axie Infinity

Recognized as the leader in NFT gaming, Axie Infinity is a play-2-earn game where players collect, breed, and mint ‘Axies’ and ultimately have them battle each other. NFTs thus represent Axies. Axie Infinity is on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing the player to trade Axies on the Axie Infinity marketplace for real money. Axie Infinity holds the record for the third-highest all-time sales in NFT gaming, generating $4.17 billion in NFT sales in March 2022. And if you’re strapped for cash,, Axie Infinity players can earn around $720/month on average! 


Your steps are worth more than you think. This move-2-earn app lets you gain points based on how many steps you’ve taken in your NFT sneakers. That sounds easy, right? Tracked through GPS, StepN operates on the Solana blockchain and rewards users with Green Satoshi Tokens. Back in June, 1 GST was worth about $0.93. NFT sneaker walkers in StepN earn 5 GST for every 1 Energy, meaning you could make at least $4.65 for every walk or run. 


A healthier planet and healthier and wealthier me? Okay, we are listening. Sweatcoin is another app that motivates you to move because you’ll get paid for it! Namely, your daily steps are rewarded with a new-generation currency that can be spent on products, donated to charity, or converted into SWEAT (coin). While this app does not let you convert to cash, it is free and offers fitness-related products and services you could use on your next trip!


Like Spotify or Soundcloud, but on the blockchain! This decentralized music streaming platform lets listeners support artists directly through its AU native currency. So, how can you earn money? Thanks to your activity on the platform and users’ interest in your music! Everyone gets paid on Audius, including artists and listeners – but you can only do it by staking and need a minimum of 100 AUDIO tokens to participate. The estimated annual return on staking the coin is around 7%. 

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Daniela Rogulj

Daniela Rogulj

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