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BOTS and Blockchain Talk with Rachid Garti

We continue our Help2Earn interview series with our latest Triendsetter, Rachid Garti, an integral part of the BOTS team, a trading platform that makes wealth possible worldwide by bringing people, technology, fun, and innovation together in one app. On a mission to transform the financial sector and society, BOTS is a self-regulating and highly scalable trading platform enabling investing and access to proprietary trading robots in crypto, stocks, durables, real estate, futures, options, ETFs, art, loans, start-ups, and scale-ups.

Still confused? Don’t worry – Rachid is here to save the day.

“My name is Rachid, and I am the VP of Customer Experience for a company called We are a platform for trading Algorithms where consumers and bot creatures can meet and help each other invest. Bot creatures have little algorithms that can make choices rapidly without emotion. Consumers can buy into those and go to the market together, make a profit, and share the earned revenue. My job as VP is to make sure that customers are happy, feel recognized by the brand, and have an effortless experience to the highest degree of quality. I am here to remind the company that we are doing this for our customers, not ourselves.”

What are ‘bots’, and how can the average user use them?

“Bots are algorithms created by bots creators. Namely, traders or mathematicians who have a vision of how you should trade in the market. The automated scripts, AIs, program what goes to the market with a little bit of cash and look at several signals or volume or TA (technical analysis) – anything basically – and respond to the market based on the rules that the creators have given them. Bots are and how retailers can use them. Bots are in the middle – consumers can find bots that match their style of trading, put some money there, and when the bot moves into the position, you will be exposed to the assets that the specific bot is trading. It’s super easy. You don’t need to understand TA; you don’t have to understand volume trading. The bot will make decisions on your behalf. So you invest, relax and see what happens.”

What are 3 things you wished you knew about the blockchain when you first started?

“I would have loved to know that it is so user-unfriendly. I think a lot of Web3 is apt. You have to commit all night to YouTube and Reddit to understand and make innovations between the old one and the next. Every time you buy into a new NFT project, it feels like it is the first time somebody has thought about the buying process. It is so experimental. But that is what is appealing to me. I would bring all the Web2 usability knowledge to Web3 and bridge that gap because I think there are many cool things to explore, learn, and discover. Completely new internets have been built. I want people who only understand the basic internet to also profit from that wealth of options. So, that is why I exist!”

What is the new area in crypto that you find interesting?

“I have an extensive interest. A lot of things interest me for different reasons. I might say DeFi, but people may say, ‘that’s been around for four years’. I only discovered it two years ago, so give me a break. I love that there are a lot of innovations to wrap the value of certain things, whether stocks, DeFi projects, or crypto tokens. They wrap them inside little assets that you can speculate in. I think that’s a cool development and DeFi, in general, is just an entirely new plane of existence where many beautiful and diverse things can pop up. Currency as a whole is a kind of single opinion.”

What is the first thing people should familiarize themselves with before starting in crypto?

“Economics. Just a common understanding of how basic economics and the monetary systems work. I think it is easier to grasp all these high-level concepts if you have a bit of basis. Secondly, it is a very speculated market. Even the projects that are in crypto have wonderful fundamentals and are actually really good companies. It’s still the extremely volatile crypto and a game of research and understanding comparisons. You need a grasp of research skills if you want to enter the world of crypto. Be prepared to do your research and never invest more than you are willing to lose.”

What is one thing everybody in crypto should know?

“Due diligence and research. Never use your bread money!”

What is your take on messaging and marketing in the crypto world? How important is it? 

“I think education should be the ethical duty of everybody active in crypto. Educate, educate, educate. I think this should go for all finance, not just Crypto and Web3. Make sure that people understand what they are buying if you are selling something. Make them understand the level of risk. Get people who co-created the product with you to make sure that they give you all the data so you can create a perfect message and so that you are not lying to people. I think the marketing message should be truthful to its core and give people insight that they didn’t have before.

That is why we put a lot of information in our bot descriptions because we have a lot of teams building these bots on our platform – and I want our consumers to know what they are getting into. For example, some bots make 100 trades in a couple of seconds, and some only make one monthly rotation. If you have to wait for that rotation to start and you don’t know why the bot isn’t trading, you might have a terrible customer experience.

Messaging is extremely important. Make sure that people know what they are getting into. I believe that most people in Web3 are in it to impact how we see the financial community. I think marketing should be the backbone of it. People should be reached where they are, be educated, and have a chance to give feedback. This can start a feedback cycle: rethink our products and improve them. This should be the natural loop between the audience.”

Thank you for joining the Help2Earn movement, Rachid! Learn more at Triend.


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