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Crypto Restaurants to Visit While Traveling the Globe

You may not believe us when we tell you that you can travel the world and run into a Dogecoin-inspired burger joint or find menu items in Bangalore called ‘Chicken Tikka Crypto Samosa,’ but the reality today is that crypto restaurants are increasingly popping up in several innovative cities, from Dubai to Miami and NYC. 

So, where should you travel to find the best crypto restaurants around the globe? Look no further.

GOI Rolls – Dubai

GOI Rolls is a Vietnamese fusion restaurant in Dubai that offers Web3 dining. Wait, what? Namely, GOI is the first restaurant in the United Arab Emirates to mix WEB3 with its cuisine, allowing diners to become part of their GOI NFT Club, including NFT collections of their summer rolls. By doing so, diners can redeem half of the NFTs’ value for rolls at their Kiosk in Jumeirah!

Doge Burger – Dubai

This Dogecoin-inspired virtual restaurant opened in February 2022, allowing users to buy real (and tasty) burgers from their website and pay with their crypto wallet in Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, CRO, XRP, USDT, Shiba, and Dogecoin. The menu isn’t all that bad, either, with American fast-food classics like mushroom Swiss burgers, hotdogs, and sides, from loaded fries to curly fries. 

Piya – Miami

Born from the idea that people should be able to eat while discussing digital currencies, Piya was conceived by Librati and Chef Bee to bring the Miami crypto community into the F&B world. Set to open soon, Piya will thus be the first NFT restaurant in Miami and launch an NFT project to help fund its cause!

Flyfish Club – NYC

Did you know that NYC boasts the world’s first member’s only private dining club with memberships purchased on the blockchain as NFTs? Furthermore, these NFTs are owned by the token-holder for access to the restaurant and various culinary, cultural, and social experiences. 

Flyfish Club members will also be granted unlimited access to a private dining room in an iconic NYC location, fully equipped with a cocktail lounge, high-end restaurant, omakase room, and outdoor space. Stay tuned for more…

Voosh – Bangalore

India boasts the highest crypto ownership, with over 100 million investors estimated in February 2022, meaning it’s no surprise that Voosh in Bangalore has shifted its focus to crypto enthusiasts. With menu item names that play on the digital currency, diners can choose to eat ‘Bitcoin Masala Oats,’ ‘Crypto Chai By Voosh,’ or the ‘Crypto Gold combo’: Upma with Masala Chai, Blockchain Ledger Punjabi Samosa, Chicken Tikka Crypto Samosa, and Hard Fork Paneer Tikka. 

Crypto Street Restaurant – Clearwater Beach, Florida

Yet another crypto-themed cafe can be found in Clearwater Beach, Florida, which opened in 2021 to provide fresh and hearty dishes combined with Art and illustrations around the basic concepts in the crypto world. The menu does the name justice, too, with the Crypto Club, Blockchain Club, Dogedog, Nutty Protocol Salad, DeFi Ceasar, and Shiba Shrimp Cocktail, to name a few.

Welly – Naples

Shytoshi Kusama, the lead developer of SHIB, brought popular memecoin Shiba Inu into the world of fast food with a Welly’s partnership earlier this year. The Shiba-themed fast-food restaurant in Naples, Italy, will accept Shiba Inu’s native cryptocurrency (SHIB) as a payment method for the fast food on the menu, with the potential of Dogecoin payments, too! And this is only the beginning of the Welly takeover, as the SHIB team plans to expand this concept globally.

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Daniela Rogulj

Daniela Rogulj

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