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Top Crypto Youtubers in 2022: Part One

Getting into the crypto world can be scary for beginners, but it doesn’t have to be. In the age of social media and influencers, it’s easier now than ever to get educated about various interests, and crypto influencers have certainly come into play to help articulate the unfamiliar language you’ll encounter in this space.

Cryptoweekly recently listed the top 30 crypto Youtubers of the year, and we’re bringing you five at a time to follow to dip your toes into Web3, the Metaverse, and all things blockchain.

BitBoy Crypto 

When talking about one of the largest channels in the cryptocurrency space, you can’t forget to mention BitBoy Crypto. Pumping out daily videos and interviews with figureheads in the industry, this Youtube channel is a go-to for crypto news, reviews, and advice, which is confirmed by the growing ‘BitSquad’ community.

Coin Bureau

We’ve already mentioned that Coin Bureau reaches 1.4 million people a month with their blog, Youtube channel, and secret CB Insider group, so we are not surprised to see them listed as one of the top Youtuber crypto influencers this year. By following their Youtube channel, you can expect coin, exchange, and broker reviews, market analyses, and top-quality information – and all this ad-free!

Altcoin Daily

“We are HUGE Bitcoiners and take a “free market” approach to the greater cryptocurrency space. Our personal goal is to use altcoins to stack more Bitcoin.”

Brothers Aaron & Austin Arnold founded Altcoin Daily to share videos of the latest crypto news, market analysis, opinions, and interviews with key stakeholders in the industry, so it isn’t surprising that they have over one million subscribers today. However, the brothers also stress on their Youtube bio that their videos are not offers to buy or sell securities and are merely for informational and entertainment purposes only.


Data Dash is a ‘one-stop shop for all things related to cryptocurrencies and financial markets.’ Heavily focused on Bitcoin, this Youtube channel has 515K subscribers and informs its followers mainly about the latest news, threats, and analysis. But that’s not all. DataDash delves beyond the crypto world and into stock market trends, politics, and finance, too!

Sheldon Evans

“Crypto, tech, and finance. That’s what you’re here for, that’s what I’m here for. It’s as simple as that.” And we agree. Sheldon Evans has amassed 729K subscribers who enjoy his authenticity and transparency, making him a trusted source in a world of otherwise unknown information. Sheldon also gives followers a glimpse into his holdings, money-making strategies, and predictions, bringing a level of comfort for newcomers in the space.

Stay tuned for the next five crypto Youtubers!




Daniela Rogulj

Daniela Rogulj

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