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Help2Earn Breakdown with Triend COO Joshua Mudway

Help2Earn is one of the newest movements making headway in the Web3 space, incentivizing others to offer help no matter their situation. A brand new travel tool that will not only drive users to find the most authentic experiences around the world but also reward others for sharing their insider tips, Help2Earn aims to craft a community around empowering others, therefore creating a more sustainable society.

Launched by Triend, COO Joshua Mudway dives deeper into how Help2Earn will impact the crypto world.

What does Help2Earn mean to you?
“Help2Earn is about putting a tangible value on previously lived experiences that can be helpful and beneficial to others and giving access to that value to anyone in the world. Regardless if you are from Dublin or Belgrade, your local insights are equally valuable and should be treated as such regardless of your local currency.”

How will Help2earn work?
“Apart from our in-app model, an example of a way Help2Earn already exists in the crypto community is through educating new people and bringing them into the space. The more we help new market participants understand and grow the industry, the more we will all earn with the uptick in adoption!”

How do you see Help2Earn used in the Web 3 space?
“Outside of Triend’s experience-lead Help 2 Earn model, I can see a lot of ways that the movement can be adopted for social change. For example, I think projects collaborating with charities and NGOs could offer tokens, services, and other rewards to people who help with social causes. There is no shortage of people that need help for all sorts of reasons, so it is just about balancing an incentive for people to offer their assistance.”

See it in action on the Triend app!

Daniela Rogulj

Daniela Rogulj

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