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Unique Crypto Cafes Worldwide, from Mexico to Thailand

Cafes have always been a central hub for anyone looking to up their morning grub, and the introduction of crypto cafes has taken morning meetings to the next level.

Gone are the days of coffee, scones, and a good book. Instead, crypto cafes have introduced an entirely new layer to your mornings – and some cafes have taken it beyond the ability to pay in this digital currency.

A look at some of the coolest crypto cafes worldwide.

Dogebeans Coffee – Louisville, Kentucky

Fan of specialty green coffee sourced from around the world? Great. Fan of crypto? Even better. Into NFTs? Jackpot! Dodgebeans opened in April 2021 to give visitors a ‘glimpse into the future and show us what is possible.’ Customers can pay in crypto or USD, though what makes this spot super cool is that they periodically release NFTs that can be redeemed for special prizes. Anyone who doesn’t like free coffee for a year need not apply.

Paralelní Polis Bitcoin Café – Prague, Czech Republic

Led by the mission to offer coffee so good it would overcome the customer’s fear of cryptocurrency, Paralelní Polis Bitcoin Coffee opened in 2014 as the only Central European coffee shop that exclusively accepted cryptocurrency. Using the coffee shop as a ‘social bridge between geeks and the general public’, today Bitcoin Coffee is a club cafe with a self-service bar that serves mostly members of Paralelní Polis,’ a one-­of-­a-­kind nonprofit organization founded by contemporary-­art group Ztohoven. 

HIP Coffee & Restaurant – Khorat, Thailand

Located in the northeastern province of Khorat, Hip transformed from your typical cafe into a crypto coffee shop & restaurant in 2013 and has grown into a sanctuary for traders ever since. So much more than a spot to grab a latte and cake, HIP also offers alternative investment opportunities for people in the Nakhon Ratchasima province, with free investment consulting for customers. Bangkok Post even wrote back in January 2022 that there were looking to launch their own crypto coin!

Bitcoin Embassy Bar – Mexico City

A crypto-themed bar and one of the few bitcoin-compatible ATMs in the area, Embassy is located in the Roma neighborhood of Mexico City and is the first in the country with this concept. The bar even launched its token called BEMB in response to coronavirus woes! At the same time, Embassy acts as a space to ensure those in the crypto space get the latest reliable information and can connect with other like-minded customers. The so-called crypto Headquarters of Mexico, Embassy has been around since 2018. 

Lion’s Milk Cafe – Brooklyn, NYC

Brooklyn, New York City, became home to what might be the first NFT cafe back in December 2021, and we wouldn’t expect anything less. Displaying a rotating collection of NFT avatars in the cafe, the coffee shop also hosts events for NFT communities and is working on accepting cryptocurrency payments. 

Coffee and crypto have never sounded better. Uncover the best recommendations on the Triend app!

Daniela Rogulj

Daniela Rogulj

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