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Your Guide to Crypto-Friendly Travel Destinations around Europe

Traveling around Europe and looking for bitcoin ATMs, where you can pay in the digital currency, or what crypto incentives you may have as a citizen? A look at the most crypto-friendly destinations in Europe!

Prague, Czech Republic

The first Bitcoin ATM hit the streets of Prague back in 2014 – and it has only gone up from there. Bitcoin Coffee popped up that same year, known as the world’s first to accept cryptocurrencies. Today, over 150 venues in the Czech capital accept Bitcoin, and several crypto ATMs can be found around the city (Kaftadesk).

Rome, Italy

Did you know that Italy was one of the first countries where Italian law treated cryptocurrency and foreign currencies equally? Or that Italy ranks 4th in the list of top countries using bitcoins, as reported by Coinpedia? As of March 9, 2021, several businesses in Italy use a cryptocurrency ATM or allow crypto as an in-store payment method, which makes sense, considering some 1.6 million Italians use cryptocurrencies in the country (Statista).

Madrid, Spain

Madrid passed legislation to regulate cryptocurrency in businesses in 2021, with the country making way for the digital currency as a legal tender. And another cool thing? Citizens can use crypto to purchase gift cards to pay for things like Netflix and Amazon subscriptions.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The crypto craze in the Slovenian capital is primarily thanks to the GoCrypto network, resulting in 1333 crypto-friendly bars and restaurants, shops, and sports venues today (, with the country offering more physical locations accepting crypto than the United States! With the highest market capitalization per capita of blockchain, the Slovenian government also adopted a bill in April 2022 to impose a 5% tax on natural persons turning cryptocurrency into a fiat currency for goods or services if the sum exceeds EUR 10,000 a year. The government proposed the bill be rushed through the National Assembly (Total Slovenia News).

Vienna, Austria

The City of Vienna officially launched the world‘s first “culture token” in spring 2019 as a digital pilot and research project to reward people with free admission to cultural events for climate-friendly behavior. Namely, the virtual token was conceived to be exchanged for tickets to cultural institutions if you actively reduced CO2 emissions by walking, cycling, or using public transport. And that’s not all – the Kultur-Token app was also conceived as a digital art project! Unfortunately, the pandemic suspended the culture token, and the app was taken out of operation, but we are excited to see what comes next!

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Daniela Rogulj

Daniela Rogulj

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